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Still two weeks left to submit your abstract to the 2nd annual #NARNiHS Research Incubator. The place for new explorations in historical sociolinguistics! Co-located with the KFLC (April 16-18, U of Kentucky): http://narnihs.org/?page_id=1020. Deadline Nov 25! #historicalsociolinguistics

The CfP for the 2nd annual #NARNiHS Research Incubator is out! Co-located with the KFLC, April 16-18 (U of Kentucky), this is the place for bold, exploratory approaches in historical sociolinguistics: http://narnihs.org/?page_id=1020. Deadline Nov 25! #historicalsociolinguistics

Salikoko Mufwene packs the room to close out the highly successful #NARNiHS @ #NWAV48 session with a challenge to reassess our understanding of pidgin formation by using *all* the socio-historical data! (that we've always had!) #historicalsociolinguistics

Eliot Raynor kicks off the “creole/pidgin subsection” of #NARNiHS @ #NWAV48, engaging the Spanish-based-creoles debate with a veritable treasure trove of socio-historical data on the origins of the Spanish dialects in Chocó, Colombia. #historicalsociolinguistics

Panos Pappas rides the #NARNiHS wave from Greece to Canada, from the 19th to the 21st century, and from speech production to popular perception, to track the history of a Greek linguistic stereotype at #NWAV48! #historicalsociolinguistics

Charlotte Verheyden (2nd speaker in the #NARNiHS wave at #NWAV48) presents and augments the mounting historical sociolinguistic evidence that the historical “Frenchification of Dutch might be overestimated”! #historicalsociolinguistics

Caroline Allen @milk_language, Emmanuelle Buaillon, and Alex D'Arcy @LangMaverick lead off the #NARNiHS @ #NWAV48 line-up at 8:30 AM(!) with diachronic corpus evidence for English adverbs on the move in Victoria (BC) Canada. #historicalsociolinguistics

Round out your #NWAV48 experience with our Saturday morning #NARNiHS-organized session. Five (5!) action-packed talks 8:30-10:55 in #historicalsociolinguistics in the Gumwood room!

Joseph Hill @jaceyhill responds to a question on documenting historical varieties of Black ASL at the premier of "Signing Black in America" at #NWAV48. Hoping to see him & Corrine Occhino @Linguischick at a #NARNiHS event soon to discuss Black ASL #historicalsociolinguistics!

Alex D'Arcy @LangMaverick brings it *ALL* together in her opening keynote address at #NWAV48 (and shouts out to NARNiHS in the process!). The study of language variation and change *is* the study of the past, present, & future. #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

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