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A few more memories from our #NARNiHS @ #LSA2020 in New Orleans. Can't get enough #historicalsociolinguistics? Don't miss our upcoming Research Incubator at the 2020 KFLC (April 16-18)! Program will soon be available on our website: http://narnihs.org/


The #NARNiHS @ #LSA2020 audience brought our #historicalsociolinguistics panels to a golden close by discussing new avenues in theory and research at the open forum session, led by Alex D’Arcy, Joe Salmons, & Rik Vosters. See y'all in San Francisco next year!

Watch out for the #historicalsociolinguistics of sign languages as one the hot topics in language variation and change in this new decade! Here's a preview: Jeffrey Davis (U Tennessee) and his talk on urban, village, and indigenous sign lang/s at the #NARNiHS panels @ #LSA2020

He may not have traveled to New Orleans by mule🐴, but Christopher Strelluf (U of Warwick) had a lot to say about mule trade networks and sociophonetic change in Missouri English vowels! #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics #LSA2020

Tracing variation and change in North American French from a #historicalsociolinguistics perspective: Hélène Blondeau (U of Florida) and Mireille Tremblay (U de Montréal) shared oven-hot data on consequence markers in Montreal French at yesterday's #NARNiHS panels @ #LSA2020


From the bayou to the Indus (and beyond!): Daven Hobbs (U of New Mexico) putting an evolutionary twist on the emergence of Middle Indo-Aryan at the #LSA2020 poster session! #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

#NARNiHS fun continues at the #LSA2020 poster session: Noriko Akimoto Sugimori (Kalamazoo College) sharing new insights into the development of Japanese imperial newspaper honorifics and language policies #historicalsociolinguistics

As you walk the streets of New Orleans and think about multilingualism in colonial Spanish Louisiana, make sure to bring Jenelle Thomas (U of Oxford) along: her epistolary data will answer all your questions! #NARNiHS #LSA2020 #historicalsociolinguistics

Thirsting for Germanic-Romanian language contact data in Transylvanian Saxon? No worries: Ariana Bancu (Northeastern Illinois U) and Ella Deaton (U of Washington) got you covered! #NARNiHS #LSA2020 #historicalsociolinguistics

Gijsbert Rutten (U Leiden) and Rik Vosters (Vrije U Brussel) jazzing up this New Orleans morning as they kick off the #NARNiHS @ #LSA2020 panels with fresh data on French loanwords in 17th and 18th cent. Dutch! #historicalsociolinguistics

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