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The NARNiHS special session at @NWAV48 is: Caroline JH Allen, Emmanuelle Buaillon, & Alexandra D'Arcy!; Charlotte Verheyden!; Panayiotis Pappas & Simeon Tsolakidis!; Eliot Pierson Raynor!; and Salikoko Mufwene! https://t.co/h4NIRJlv0y #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

Traveling to @NWAV48 in October? Don't miss our NARNiHS session on historical sociolinguistics for exciting new approaches to language variation in historical materials! Details in the next Tweet and here: https://t.co/h4NIRJlv0y #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

The deadline for abstracts for our 2nd NARNiHS @LingSocAm meeting has been extended! New deadline: Aug 16. Are you a student? Do not miss our registration and travel funding opportunities, made possible by VUB/FWO!: https://t.co/FahXyBKg9z #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

NARNiHS "goes social" during @LSA2019 Summer Institute and finds 14 new friends interested in #historicalsociolinguistics research! #NARNiHS #lingstitute2019

Marisa @inthelemonlight and Emily @EmilyBlamire give a shout out to #historicalsociolinguistics in their "Sociolinguistics and CMC" course during the @LSA2019 Summer Institute! #NARNiHS #lingstitute2019


The call for abstracts is out for the 2nd Annual Meeting of NARNiHS with @LingSocAm! Send us your abstract and join us in New Orleans 4 Jan 2020 to explore new theories and applications in historical sociolinguistics: https://t.co/FahXyBKg9z #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

Attending the @LSA2019 Summer Institute? Make sure to add the NARNiHS-recommended course cluster to your course selections: https://t.co/OLgushqwEG. Equip yourself with a toolkit for historical sociolinguistics research! #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics #lingstitute2019

NARNiHS is getting ready for NWAV 48! Send us your abstract to be considered for the potential NARNiHS @ NWAV panel(s) (U of Oregon, 10-13 Oct). The call for abstracts is on our website: https://t.co/vwU36erhrq. Abstracts due May 15. #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

Do standard norms matter? Do speakers care? Stop wondering already and ask Eline Lismont and Rik Vosters (Vrije U-Brussels), who are researching these very questions in 16th-19th-century Southern Dutch sources! #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

The barren sands of the Atacama desert came into glottopolitical bloom at Tania Avilés´s (CUNY) talk at the NARNiHS @ KFLC panel about her research on performance, subjectivity, and ego-documents in letters from Chile´s Nitrate Era... #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics

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