Current SG roster

Current members of the NARNiHS Steering Group

Carolina Amador-Moreno   (U. i Bergen)   [2022-2024] – 2023 incoming convenor.
Joshua Bousquette   (University of Georgia)   [2022-2024].
Vicente Lledó-Guillem   (Hofstra University)   [2023-2025]
Sam[antha] Litty   (Europa-Universität Flensburg)   [2021-2023].
Laura Moquin   (U. of Wisconsin-Madison)   [2023-2025] – 2023 elections officer
Israel Sanz-Sánchez   (West Chester University)2023 outgoing convenor.
Sandrine Tailleur   (U. du Québec à Chicoutimi)   [2021-2023] – 2023 convenor.
Jenelle Thomas   (University of Oxford)   [2021-2023].
Donald Tuten   (Emory University)   [2022-2024].
Kelly E. Wright   (Univeristy of Michigan)   [2023-2025].