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Working on variation-based approaches to #historicalsociolinguistics? #NARNiHS won't have a special session at NWAV50, but we encourage you to submit your historical work to this year’s conference (Stanford, 13-15 Oct 2022). Details at https://nwav50.stanford.edu/. Deadline: June 27!

#NARNiHS is delighted to have had its first in-person conference experience since Jan. 2020 with Studies in the History of the English Language at the U of Washington in Seattle! Thanks to Colette Moore and team for letting us highlight #historicalsociolinguistics at #SHEL12 !!!

Dennis Preston gives voice to the linguistic beliefs of the Elizabethan folk to round out the #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics thread at Studies in the History of the English Language (#SHEL12) at the U of Washington in Seattle.

Julia Thomas Swan mines the oral history archives for precious gems of data, tracking down the Nordic? origins of monophthongal /oʊ/ in Seattle during the #NARNiHS #historicalsociolinguistics thread at Studies in the History of the English Language (#SHEL12).

What has Sali Tagliamonte "gotten" herself into during the #NARNiHS thread at #SHEL12 in Seattle?! A #historicalsociolinguistics study of the Canadian Evidence for the Rise of Gotten in North American, that's what!

Mark Iten (with Anita Auer and Anne-Christine Gardner) leads off our first-ever #NARNiHS collaboration with SHEL, bringing "language history from below" clearly to the surface with the #historicalsociolinguistics of English Pauper Petitions at #SHEL12, U of Washington in Seattle.

Our 4th #NARNiHS Research Incubator came to an end today with more exciting discussion of theory, methods and data in #historicalsociolinguistics. Many thanks to our presenters and audience! And stay tuned for more NARNiHS events at https://narnihs.org!

You may not have the latest data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of 19th-cent. Serbian heritage community newspapers in the US, but they sure do! Jelena Vujić and Aleksandar Milanović (U Beogradu) shared their corpus and findings at Day 3 of the #NARNiHS Research Incubator.

Victor Carreāo (U Estadual de Campinas) brought us back to 19th-cent. worker unions and heritage community social networks in Brazil at Day 3 of the #NARNiHS Research Incubator with his data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of forms of address in Portuguese immigrant letters.

Ljubica Leone (U of Lancaster) exploring the possibilities of large oral corpora for the representation of the #historicalsociolinguistics of gendered language with her data on gratitude expressions in British English at Day 2 of the #NARNiHS Research Incubator... ta-ta, Ljubica!

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