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And just like that, the 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting came to an end - 20 presenters and an international audience gathered over 4 days to share the latest in #historicalsocinguistics. Stay tuned for our April Research Incubator! More information at https://narnihs.org

David Mora Marín (U of N Carolina - Chapel Hill) bringing the 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting panels to a wrap with fresh quantitative data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of Mayan glyphs!

We could almost smell the salty Baltic breeze and the musty tombstones as Alessandro Palumbo (U of Oslo) unraveled the mysteries of language and script mixing in medieval Swedish epigraphy at today's 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting panel! #historicalsociolinguists

Another great day at our 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting! Data-rich presentations, thought-provoking questions and stimulating conversation about the latest research in #historicalsociolinguistics. Last panel tomorrow, Jan 11! Full program: https://narnihs.org/?page_id=1313

Did you miss David Eddington's (Brigham Young U) fascinating presentation on the history of propredicate "do" in Utah English at today's 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting panel? Oh, dear... you shouldn't have done! #historicalsociolinguistics

James Stratton (Purdue U) enthralling the audience at today's 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting panel with his quantitative data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of Old English intensifiers (...swiðe bliðe interesting stuff!)

If there's something cool in your vocatives, who ya gonna call? Jeremy Needle and Sali Tagliamonte (U of Toronto), of course! With their presentation on vocative change in Ontario English at the 2021 #ΝARNiHS Annual Meeting, they got you covered! #historicalsociolinguistics


Thirsty for more... #historicalsociolinguistics! An international audience flocked to our online room to participate in the 2nd day of panels of our #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting. More panels on Jan 10 and 11! Check out our website for the full program: https://narnihs.org/?page_id=1313

We all dropped our croissants to listen to Emmanuelle Buaillon (U of Victoria) as she unveiled the variation patterns in the use of prepositions with city names in Hexagonal French at today's 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting panels! #historicalsociolinguistics

The Nilean gods were propitious today and brought us Eleonora Cattafi (Ghent U) with a bounty of data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of relativizers in 1st-8th-cent. AD Egyptian Greek papyri at the 2021 #NARNiHS Third Annual Meeting!

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