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And just like that, the 2022 #NARNiHS Fourth Annual Meeting came to an end: 14 presenters and an international audience gathered over 3 days to share the latest in #historicalsocinguistics. Stay tuned for our April Research Incubator! More information at https://narnihs.org

Dropping the #historicalsociolinguistics mic on gendered language! Jennifer Kaplan (U of California at Berkeley) tracing the evolution of attitudes towards gender-inclusive French from the 18th- to the 21-st century at the Day 3 #NARNiHS Annual Meeting session!

Heels or flats... chicken or pasta... Gothic blackletter or Roman typeface... decisions, decisions! Alena Andrlová Fidlerová (U Karlova) peeling off the many layers of the #historicalsociolinguistics of script choice in 19th-century Czech on Day 3 of the #NARNiHS Annual Meeting.

How do you take your 17th-century sermons? Milk? Sugar? Conservative features? Dialectal innovations? We sure got a perfect cup of #historicalsociolinguistics from Oliver Currie (U of Ljubljana), our favorite Early Modern Welsh barista, at today's #NARNiHS Annual Meeting panel!

Language discourses and their effect on historical linguistic practices took center stage on Day 3 of the #NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting. The best way to end an exciting conference: theory, methods and data analyses in #historicalsociolinguistics at their very finest!

Quick, three things from New Zealand! Hmm... lamb, kiwifruit... and letters by 19th-cent Irish immigrants! Dania Jovanna Bonness (W Norway U of Applied Sciences) presented on the #historicalsociolinguistics of dialect contact in NZ English at the #NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting!

Tamara García Vidal (U de Murcia) serving piping hot epistolary data on audience design and synthetic vs. analytic comparatives at the Jan 8 #NARNiHS Annual Meeting panel. You'll never see anything interestinger than this in #historicalsociolinguistics!

The Late Modern Dorset dialect came alive at today's presentation on the #historicalsociolinguistics of pauper petitions by Anne-Christine Gardner, Anita Auer and Mark Iten (U de Lausanne) at the #NARNiHS 2022 Annual Meeting. Contact, mobility, intrawriter variation... bring it!

The #historicalsociolinguistics fun continues! Day 2 of the #NARNiHS Annual Meeting brought us a bounty of innovative data analyses connecting features and their sociohistorical contexts. Interested? Make sure to join us for Day 3: https://narnihs.org/?page_id=1972. Registration is free!

Who has the latest historical drama data on the #historicalsociolinguistics of verbal –s and –ø in African American Language? John Powell (U of Arizona), that's who! And what's the place to get the scoop? The all-online, open-registration 2022 #NARNiHS Annual Meeting... duh!

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