Membership in NARNiHS is free and open to anyone interested in the application/development of sociolinguistic theories, methods, and models for the study of historical language variation and change over time, or more broadly, the study of the interaction of language and society in historical periods and from historical perspectives.

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Membership in NARNiHS is obtained by requesting a subscription to the NARNiHS listserv.  All subscribers to the NARNiHS listserv are considered members of NARNiHS, and the roster of listserv subscribers serves as the membership roll of NARNiHS.

To sign up for the NARNiHS listserv, and thus apply for membership in NARNiHS, address an email to with an empty subject line and in the body of the email the simple message:

subscribe NARNiHS yourfirstname yourlastname
[provide your own first and last name in the place of “yourfirstname” and “yourlastname”]

Current Members (Public Directory)
==> In the interest of data privacy, this public directory only includes those members who opt in. Clink on the “Current Members” directory link above for more details.

Membership Benefits

Members of NARNiHS receive all postings to the NARNiHS listserv providing information on the activities of the organization and on conferences, workshops, publications, and other news relevant to the field of historical sociolinguistics.

Members of NARNiHS are eligible to vote for members of the NARNiHS Steering Group and also to serve on the NARNiHS Steering Group, thereby assisting in the vital work of the organization and the future of the discipline.