Program: @ NWAV 49

NARNiHS special session at NWAV 49
University of Texas at Austin – 19-24 October 2021

Historical Sociolinguistics: Variations in Methodologies

“A diachronic study of Dutch verbal cluster order: Evaluating the interaction between linguistic and sociolinguistic variables”
– Julie Van Ongeval and Rik Vosters, both Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

“Syntactic alternations and audience design: The case of asyndetic complementation in the history of Spanish (15th-18th century)”
– Giulia Mazzola and Bert Cornillie, both KU Leuven, and Malte Rosemeyer, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

“Quotation beyond ‘be like’: Indirect reporting over time”
– Alexandra D’Arcy, University of Victoria, and Ildara Enríquez García, Independent Scholar.

“Within and beyond futurity: A longitudinal analysis of will and be going to
– Tomoharu Hirota, University of British Columbia.

“Contact-induced grammatical change in Early Modern Icelandic: The loss of the dual”
– Thórhallur Eythórsson and Heimir F. Viðarsson, both University of Island.

“Language shift in a microcosm: Finnish-English bilingualism, contact, and substrate effects in Sointula, British Columbia”
– Mirva Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Marisa Brook, University of Toronto.

” ‘We are all in a feirfull ferment, quhich I pray most ceis’ – Scots in correspondence at the turn of the 18th Century”
– Sarah van Eyndhoven, University of Edinburgh.

“The relationship between prescription and praxis: Towards a systematic account for Dutch”
– Eline Lismont, Vrije Universiteit Brussel & Leiden University, Gijsbert Rutten,
Leiden University, and Rik Vosters, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.