Call for Nominations – NARNiHS Steering Group

Dear NARNiHS members,

I am reaching out to you today to solicit nominations for candidates to replace three outgoing members of the NARNiHS Steering Group (SG). To be eligible for service on the NARNiHS SG, the individual must be a member in good standing of the NARNiHS research network, as evidenced by subscription to the NARNiHS listserv. Nominations of eligible members will be accepted in any of the following ways:

   ● through nomination by existing members of the Steering Group;
   ● through nomination by another NARNiHS member;
   ● through self-nomination.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is: 30 November 2020, 11:59 pm (U.S. Eastern Time).

Send your nominations to this address:
(Please do not “reply all” to this message and do not reply to the listserv!!!).

Please note the following as you consider candidates for nomination:

   1. The Steering Group is responsible for the stewardship and development of NARNiHS as a professional organization. We seek SG members with a strong sense of collaboration and a willingness to invest time and energy to ensure the ongoing success of the research network and its activities. Full details about the SG can be found in the Organizing Principles and Responsibilities of the NARNiHS Steering Group.
   2. All members of the NARNiHS research network, whether based in North America or outside North America, who are interested in strengthening and promoting the study of historical sociolinguistics in North America, and facilitating international connections and collaborations for North American historical sociolinguists, are eligible for nomination.
   3. The current membership of the SG, with their term limits, is listed on the NARNiHS website. Note that all three members whose term is up this year are eligible for re-election in this year’s cycle.
   4. NARNiHS does not collect membership dues, thus there is no monetary compensation for work on the SG (though you will receive the gratitude of your colleagues and the satisfaction that comes with productive collaboration).
   5. Full information governing the NARNiHS elections process is available in section 7 of the Organizing Principles and Responsibilities of the NARNiHS Steering Group.

NARNiHS members will be able to cast votes electronically and anonymously for three individuals from the pool of candidates through an online platform in December.

For any questions about the nominations process and for submission of all nominations, please contact me at:

Thank you for taking the time to think about this and submit your nominations. I will be in touch with the slate of nominees in 4 weeks.

Best Regards,

Fernando Tejedo
NARNiHS Elections Officer