Course cluster for Historical Sociolinguistics at the 2019 Linguistic Institute (UC Davis)

Attending the upcoming 2019 Linguistic Institute at UC Davis (June 24 – July 19, 2019) ?

As you make your final course selections, consider maximizing your Historical Sociolinguistics experience by choosing from the following course cluster (assembled by the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics (NARNiHS)):

Disciplinary Core:
● 152: Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Robert Bayley).
● 161: Introduction to Historical Linguistics (Lyle Campbell).
● 250: Historical Sociolinguistics (Mark Richard Lauersdorf).
● 261: Advanced Historical Linguistics (Brian Joseph, Richard Janda).

Selected Methods / Tools:
● 151: Introduction to Discourse Analysis (Barbara Johnstone).
● 231: Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis (Santiago Barreda).
● 331: Corpus Linguistics (Stefan Th. Gries).
● 337: Modeling Linguistic Networks (Rory Turnbull).

Selected Areas of Application:
● 356: Pidgins and Creoles (Marlyse Baptista).
● 380: Folk Linguistics and Language Regard (Dennis Preston).
● 381: Topics in Sociolinguistics and Computer-Mediated Communication (Marisa Brook, Emily Blamire).

Courses at all levels!

Combinable for numerous areas of interest, emphasis, engagement, and expertise!

See for descriptions of all courses at the Institute.

Equip yourself with a toolkit for your historical sociolinguistic research!